End of The Line–Roppel Cave–Logsdon River

Project cavers know, after years of mapping any cave system, it develops a life and mind of its own. A small group called Karst Terrain Explorations (KTE) has spent decades pushing the Roppel Cave–Logsdon River dive lead, following up on the ground work provided by our predecessors—our goal being to gather volumes of data and then systematically pass it forward to the next group involved.

Pink-eyed Cave Lobsters and Death by Dieffenbachia — Caving in Panama’s Bocas del Toro Province

The first organized American effort to survey caves in Panama took place last December (2019). Building on the work of American caver Keith Christenson and British caver James Cobbett, our small team mapped about 2 kilometers of cave passages in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago on the country’s Caribbean coast. It is a lovely area with lots of potential for more caves and caving.