Real Time Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System at Edgewood Caverns, NM

Edgewood Caverns is a densely jointed cave in Santa Fe County that has a single 38 m deep entrance shaft, drilled and cased with a 0.5 m diameter steel pipe. The cave is in Pennsylvanian limestone and was phreatic in development with solution-enlarged joints. It is a substantial cave, having been mapped ~8.3 km (5.2 mi) as of 2019, and has barometric-driven winds at the entrance cap. A detailed talk on the history of the cave was given in the Conservation session at the 2018 NSS Convention.

UHF Cave Data Communication Network for Fort Stanton Cave, NM

The Fort Stanton Cave Study Project, in collaboration with the Roswell Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management, is developing a distributed communication network for data, that will be tested in a small-scale prototype configuration in 2020. The ultimate goal is to establish a quasi-real time sensor network to measure air conditions such as temperature, movement, direction, and CO2 content, and measure similar water conditions in the intermittent Snowy River stream channel from the closest point at Turtle Junction back to the surface and to a nearby facility.