Sessions and Salons

Photo Salon

Below are a list of the sessions that typically are held during convention. Please contact the appropriate chair listed below if you require additional information or would like to be a presenter.


Anyone who is planning on presenting in a session should contact the chair of the appropriate session and let them know you would like to present. Please provide the subject of the presentation, the time you will require, and any audio/visual equipment you need.

Abstracts: You should also provide provide an abstract, up to 250 words, for the Conventions Program. Abstracts should be a summary of conclusions and results, not merely a statement of what the presentation is about.

When submitting abstracts, please provide each presenter’s name and email address. The presenter’s affiliation and/or mailing address can be included if desired.

Note: Abstracts will be published as submitted so please proofread them before submitting them. Abstracts longer than 250 words will be returned to be shortened.

Facilities Request Form: If you are responsible for an event please submit a “Sessions & School Facilities Questionnaire” describing your event. The questionnaire is available as a PDF form.

Deadlines: The Convention Program will be going to the printer around July 1. The following deadlines are firm and the program chairs of individual sessions must send the following to the program chair by the date shown:

  • June 15, 2020 – All event descriptions, session descriptions, advertising, and any other general material for the Program must be submitted by this date. Late submissions are likely to be ignored.
  • June 25, 2020 – Final session schedules and abstracts must be submitted by this date.  Late submissions (even by a few hours) are unlikely to get in the Program.

2020 NSS Convention Session Information

Archaeology Session
Biospeleology SessionSarah Keenan
Cave Digging Session
Cave Diving Session
Cave Photography Session
Cave Video Section Session   Dave
Comm. & Electronics SessionJohn
Conservation Session
Culture of Caves, Cavers and Caving
John Wilson & Maria &
Geology & Geography SessionKatie
International Exploration SessionMark Minton & Yvonne &
NCRC SessionAnmar
Spelean History SessionDean Snyder & Bob
State Cave SurveysHoward
Survey & Cartography SessionCarol
U.S. Exploration SessionPat
Vertical Session
West Virginia Caving SessionNikki

2020 NSS Convention Salons

For detailed salon information go to (

Cartographic SalonDwight
Cave Ballad SalonRoland
Fine Arts SalonCarolina
Graphic Art SalonBlake Jö
MultiMedia Program SalonDavid
Photo SalonDean
Print SalonCady
Symbolic Emblem SalonDave
T-Shirt SalonBlake Jö
Video SalonDavid

Additional Sessions and Workshops

Additional sessions, workshops, or other activities are welcome.  If you are interested in organizing an activity please notify the Program Chair to get the activity in the schedule.