By Derek Bristol and Hazel A. Barton

The Mulu 19 Expedition continued the British exploration of the caves of Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Borneo. The expedition took place between April 18–May 12, 2019, with primary aims to connect caves within the Gunung Mulu massive, specifically within the southern peninsula of Gunung Api. Attempts were made to connect Cave of the Winds, Racer, and Easter Lagangs Caves into the already extensive Clearwater Cave System, which would have resulted in a new system >150 miles in length. Significant extensions were made in many of the explored caves; however, the much-needed connection requires a tight, technical cave dive, and was not completed. A new camp, Camp Golden Shower, was established in the northern region of Clearwater Cave, leading to significant discoveries within the Dune Series and Great Wall Chamber. Two significant discoveries were made, including Scientific Method and China Shop. This has opened up interesting leads to be examined by future expeditions in a blank area of the known cave.


  1. I really liked it, Derek. I have a cruise ship speaking gig booked for late October out of Singapore. It may not happen because of the pandemic. If it does though, I’m going to stay a couple of extra weeks and go to Sarawak to do some caving. British caver David William Gill lives there and has invited me to come visit.

    1. I hope it works out Bill. Careful though… you might fall in love and abandon Mexico caving.

  2. Another quality presentation, Derek. Sounds like an awesome expedition. Enjoyed the combination of videos along with the cartography and Google Earth photos!

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