Speakers requested for the International Exploration Session 2020 NSS Convention in Elkins, WV

Have you been caving outside of the United States? Come share your underground adventures in exotic lands with your fellow cavers. The International Exploration Session at NSS Conventions is one of the most well attended of all sessions. It is a great venue to present your new discoveries to a wide and appreciative audience.

Please consider coming to the 2020 NSS Convention in Elkins, WV this summer (July 27-31) and join our Session to show your stuff. The International Exploration session will take place all day on Wednesday (July 29) and provides 15 to 30 minutes for each presentation, depending on the amount of material you have and the total number of speakers.

Please submit an abstract of 250 words or less describing your presentation to mminton@caver.net or vonnycaver@yahoo.com. Don’t delay – this session always fills up. Submit early to assure your spot.

Vertical Section – Rebelay

Event Leader: Gary Bush

The Vertical Rebelay Course provides demonstrations, instructions, and practice for climbing with the European style of rope rigging using rebelays. Instructors will be available throughout the day to assist students in learning and practicing the techniques necessary to negotiate rebelays safely and effectively. While the course is open, students may come by anytime to observe others, demonstrate their own
techniques, or to just practice.

Students should bring their own climbing gear. Homemade gear is subject to approval by the instructors. All gear will be evaluated by the instructors for safety, serviceability, setup, and “tuned” if need be for optimal performance while crossing rebelays. Loaner cowstails will be provided as needed. Runs concurrent with the Vertical Climbing Contests.

ARRIVAL: Participants may join us at any time during the day, and we appreciate Support and Coaches! You need time to allow time to sign in, gear up, wait for turn, climb, learn and enjoy! But Climbers should arrive well before about 3:00 PM to allow time to rig, maneuver, learn and enjoy! All persons must have signed the NSS Convention Liability Releases. Minors must have written parental permission.