May 1 2020

Dear NSS Friends,

As you know, due to circumstances beyond our control, this year’s NSS Convention in Elkins, West Virginia, was postponed to 2023. As a sort of consolation and distraction from being quarantined, we are offering some elements of Convention as virtual events.

These include the Cartographic Salon, Cave Ballad Salon, Graphic Arts Salon, Photography Salon, Symbolic Emblems Salon, T-Shirt Salon, and Video Salon; as well as the Communications and Electronics Section and Vertical Section meetings.

We will also offer a number of presentations from West Virginia Exploration and United States Exploration. Also for your viewing pleasure will be the Cave Conservancy Roundtable and the State Survey Roundtable.

The Fine Arts Salon folks are planning a special offering that is sure to please.

Most importantly, we will offer the Thursday night Awards Salon and Friday Awards show on those days during the last week of July. It will almost be like you’re in Elkins.

If you had been planning to give a presentation in Elkins, know that it is not too late. Contact the person in charge of that section or sessions and work things out. Many presentations can be done in the virtual realm.

But do not think that this is the wave of the future. This is a one-time only offering during the last week in July. If you’ve never gone to an NSS Convention, now is your chance to see one aspect of the many benefits they offer. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to attend or to make a presentation of your own at a future Convention!

We hope you will enjoy the non-Convention this summer. At least it will give you something to do that is cave related, in case we are still not caving by then.


Rich Geisler and Meredith Hall Weberg
2020/23 NSS Convention Co-Chairs

P.S. If you had registered for Convention, we are still working on the process to offer you a full refund; the chance to move your money towards next year’s Convention in Weed, California; or to donate your money to the NSS. AND if you reserved hotel rooms in Elkins, PLEASE don’t forget to cancel those reservations! The hotels are being notified that we postponed Convention, but you need to cancel anyhow.

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