Abstract Due Dates

This is a list of sessions that are likely to have formal presentations.  In addition to the session chair’s name and email address, it shows the date abstracts for the session are due.  Abstracts should be sent to the session chair and must be no longer than 250 words.  Please also say how much time you need for your presentation.

Biospeleology Session Sarah Keenan swkeenan@gmail.com May 1
Cave Digging Session Benjamin Brown ben@ontariosurplus.com June 1
Cave Photography Session Eugene Vale eugenevale@socket.net June 10 (assumed)
Communications & Electronics Session John DeRoo jderoo@eitronix.com June 10 (assumed)
Conservation & Management Session Val Hildreth-Werker valhildrethwerker@caves.org June 1
Culture of Caves, Cavers and Caving John Wilson & Maria Perez jmwgeo@gmail.com & maria.perez@mail.wvu.edu June 1
Geology & Geography Session Katie Schmid kschmid3@gmail.com June 12
International Exploration Session Mark Minton & Yvonne Droms mminton@caver.net & vonnycaver@yahoo.com June 20
Spelean History Session Dean Snyder & Bob Hoke dsnyder3@ptd.net & bob@rhoke.net June 23
State Cave Surveys Howard Kalnitz hkalnitz@fuse.net May 25
Survey & Cartography Session Carol Vesely cavesely@gmail.com June 18
U.S. Exploration Session Pat Kambesis pat.kambesis@wku.edu June 1
Vertical Session Gene Harrison bats@starpower.net June 10
West Virginia Caving Session Nikki Fox nikkicfox@yahoo.com June 10 (assumed)