Confirmed Sessions at the 2020 NSS Convention

The list below lists confirmed Convention activities. A few of the larger session have already been assigned dates, but a draft schedule for all the sessions will be posted around mid-April. This list is incomplete and additions will be made as more activities are confirmed.


  • Cave Digging Session
  • International Exploration (Wednesday)
  • U.S. Exploration (Tuesday)
  • West Virginia Exploration Session (Monday)

Cave Science

  • Biospeleology Session
  • Communications and Electronics Session
  • Geology & Geography Session (Thursday)
  • State Cave Surveys Session
  • Survey & Cartography Session
  • Survey Contest


  • Cave Conservancy Round table
  • Conservation & Management Session


  • Charitable Giving Workshop
  • Convention Debrief
  • Convention Development Meeting
  • International Year of Caves & Karst Meeting
  • National Speleological Foundation Open Meeting
  • NCKMS Steering Committee Meeting
  • NSS Awards Committee Meeting
  • NSS Board of Governors Meetings (Monday & Friday)
  • NSS Congress of Grottos
  • NSS Nature Preserves Meeting
  • Project Underground Workshop


  • Arts & Letters Section Lunch Meeting
  • Cartography Salon
  • Cave Ballad Salon
  • Cave Photography Session
  • Cave Photography Workshop
  • Fine Arts Salon
  • Fine Arts Salon Opening Reception
  • Graphic Arts Salon
  • Multimedia Program Salon
  • Photo Salon
  • Salon Display and Salon Shows
  • Symbolic Emblems and T-shirts Salon
  • Video Salon Self-Serve Kiosk
  • Video Salon Viewing Session
  • Video Section Meeting
  • Writers Workshop


  • Small Party Assisted Rescue (SPAR) class (tentative)
  • Vertical Climbing Contests
  • Vertical Rebelay Workshop
  • Vertical Section Session and Meeting
  • Vertical Techniques Orientation Workshop


  • Amateur Radio exams
  • Amateur Radio Station
  • Culture of Caves, Cavers and Caving Session
  • Lechuguilla Cartographers Meeting
  • Lightning Talks
  • Medical Section Meeting
  • National Cave Rescue Committee Meeting
  • Pottery Workshop/demonstration
  • Spelean History Session
  • Speleology for Cavers Class
  • Speleophilatelic Section Meeting

As of January 30, 2020