Geology Field Trip

The 2020 NSS Geology Field Trip will stop at five locations. The first three of these will be at the Bowden quarry area to discuss the Greenbrier Group Mississippian stratigraphy, at Smoke Hole Caverns to tour the cave and discuss the Helderberg and Tonoloway Silurian-Devonian rock units, and at Seneca Rocks for lunch and to discuss the Wills Mountain Anticline. We will then drive the length of Germany Valley and stop at Hellhole, where we will discuss the karst in the valley, the exploration that has taken place there, and the Ordovician stratigraphy. Our final stop will be at Seneca Caverns, which we visit.

The tour participants will receive an 80-or-so-page color guidebook that will include several auxiliary stops (if you want to redo the field trip in your car). These additional stops will include the the Hopeville Anticline, the Germany Valley Overlook on U.S. Route 33, and Nelson Rocks. This guidebook will also be available for non-participants from the NSS Book Store and the West Virginia Speleological Survey.