2020 NSS Art & Music Salons

NSS Art & Music Salons encourage and recognize cave-related arts, artists, and musicians. NSS Salons are open to everyone; entrants need not be members of the NSS. Rules, entry forms, and deadlines are available on each Salon’s website. For more information navigate to: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/

The best of each Salon’s entries will be exhibited at the NSS Convention in Elkins, West Virginia, 2020. Each Salon’s top award and Caver’s Choice award (if applicable) is presented during the convention’s Thursday evening Salon program. After the convention, low-resolution representations of the top award winners for every Salon are placed in the NSS Salons web pages and, other than music, in the NSS News.


Cave and karst-related maps. Dwight Livingston, Chair. 


ENTRIES: Cave cartographers are invited to submit paper-based and web-based entries. There is no restriction on method of presentation; innovative techniques are encouraged. 

ENTRIES: Every entry must include the Entry Form and either be mailed to Dwight Livingston (1908 Angleside Rd, Fallston, MD 21047 – clearly labeled “Cartographic Salon”) to arrive no later than Saturday July 18th, or delivered to the Cartographic Salon exhibition area at the NSS Convention either Monday 7am to noon on July 27th, 2020. 

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/cartoentry.pdf


CATEGORIES: 1 Apprentice; 2 Experienced; 3 Master-Professional

JUDGING: Judging occurs during convention.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Survey and Cartography Section website: http://www.caves.org/section/sacs/ or mailto:cartsalon@caves.org 


Cave-related songs and music. Roland Vinyard, Chair.

http://caves/org/committee/salons/ballads/Cave Ballad.shtml

ENTRIES: Entries must be sent to Roland Vinyard no later than July 25th, 2020. CDs preferred.

ENTRY FEE: $10.00 per entry: all entries are considered donated to the NSS. 

CATEGORIES: 1. Traditional; 2. Original; 3. Avant-garde. 

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to convention. 

MORE INFORMATION: mailto:balladsalon@caves.org or phone 518.673.3212.

Graphic Arts Salon

Cover Art & PPB (Posters, Postcards, Brochures) – Blake N Jördan, Chair.    


ENTRIES: All entries must be mailed to Blake N Jördan, 154 Patterson Mill Ln, Crozet, VA 22932. accompanied by the entry form, and received no later than June 20th, 2020. Each entry must be included on an Entry Form, have a Display Card, and be annotated as to its category.  Please read the guidelines online or contact Blake N Jördan.

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per organization, regardless of the number of items submitted. 

CATEGORIES: Cover Art (1) Non-photographic; (2) Photographic; (3) Computer Enhanced (includes covers only distributed in an online format, and covers manipulated by computer from an original photo or artistic format). PPB (1) Posters; (2) Postcards; (3) Brochures

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/graphicarts.pdf

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to convention. 

FURTHER INFORMATION: gasalon@caves.org.


Drawings, paintings, sculpture, et al in Speleology. Carolina Shrewsbury, Chair.

http://caves.org/committee/salons/finearts/Fine Arts.shtml 

The Fine Arts Salon is the official venue for exhibiting speleologically inspired artwork. Artwork can be in any medium, from painting and sketching to digitally altered photography, computer graphics, pottery and sculpture, textiles, and mixed media. The subject must involve cavers, cave life, karst and caves, focusing on the central interest of speleology. This year there No Theme and all submissions will be judged in the Open Category.

ENTRIES All entry forms must be submitted before Convention. The number of entries is limited to 4 per person for competition; an optional additional 4 can be entered for show only fee, they must all be on a cave subject. Artwork can be displayed but not judged if the artist so wishes, but must be stated on the entry form. 

Email to FASalon@caves.org. Artwork to be shipped will go to a secure address given on acceptance only a week before Convention, or to arrive in the Salon in person, by 5pm Saturday of Convention week. All artwork must be labeled with TITLE and NAME OF ARTIST. All exhibits are encouraged to be sold at Salon or entered for NSS Auction. The NSS will deduct a 20% commission from all art sold. Previously awarded work is encouraged to be exhibited but will not be judged in the Salon. Applications will be screened and artists will be notified by mail or E-mail. Additional information and the Convention address to send artwork will be supplied at time of notification. 

ENTRY FEE: Entry fees are per person. Make checks for entry fees payable to the NSS FAS.  $15 for adults$5 for youth (15 and under).

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/finearts/FAS Form2020.pdf

JUDGING: Pre-selection for exhibition will occur prior to Convention. Judging will occur Monday 9am with 2 professional artists and one caver of high standing within the NSS. SpeleoArt Award will be by ballot which starts at the opening reception on Monday afternoon until Thursday 12 noon. More information can be found at: FAS Judging Criteria for web 2020.pdf

For Additional information email Carolina Shrewsbury at:  FAsalon@caves.org


Multiple image computer programs. David Socky, Chair.


DESCRIPTION: Exhibition of multiple image computer programs less than twelve minutes in length. Presentations may be submitted on CD or DVD or via file share site (notify David Socky of file & site).


ENTRIES: All entries sent to David Socky no later than May 31st, 2020.

ENTRY FORM: http://caves.org/committee/salons/multientry.pdf

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to the convention.

FURTHER INFORMATION: videosalon@caves.org


Photographic prints. Cady Soukup, Chair. 


ENTRIES: Photographers may enter up to ten (10) prints, of which no more than 7 may be entered into any one category. All entries must be delivered to Print Salon area on Saturday, July 25th between 9am-5pm, or on Sunday, July 26th between 9-12:00pm at the NSS Convention Print Salon exhibition area.  Other delivery arrangements may be considered, but ONLY with permission from the print salon chair.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is $15 for up to 10 prints. There is no fee if the print is donated to the NSS. 

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/printentry.pdf

ENTRY CRITERIA: See Print Salon web pages.

CATEGORIES:  Photographer Category: Newcomer, Advanced, Expert

Print Category: Geology, Biology, Human Dimension, Altered Images 

JUDGING: Judging occurs Sunday, July 26th at 3pm. Entries received after noon will not be judged but may be shown. 

DISPLAY ONLY: Entrants may offer prints for display. 

SALES AND FURTHER INFORMATION: E-mail Cady Soukup at mailto:printsalon@caves.org call 540.522.8631.  If you have trouble meeting the deadline, please contact Cady before May 15, 2020. 


Photographic slides & digital images. Dean Wiseman-Chairman


ENTRIES: All entries either mailed to Dean Wiseman (P.O. Box 35 Beech Grove, IN 46107 USA) to arrive by April 15th, 2020, or provided via Dropbox. Limit is 30 entries per photographer.

ENTRY FEES: $1.00 per film slide or $0.25 per digital image. Digital images preferred. No fee if the entry is donated to the NSS. 

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/photoentry.pdf

CATEGORIES: See web site for details. 1. Story Series; 2. Entrance; 3. Life; 4. Cave; 5. Caver; 6. Formations; 7. Humor; 8. Science; 9. Manipulated. 

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to convention. 

FURTHER INFORMATION: mailto:photosalon@caves.org.


Patches, decals, pins, etc. related to caves or caving. David Decker, Chair.


DESCRIPTION: For symbolic emblems related to caves or caving (logos, patches, decals, pins, etc.). The Salon Chair decides if an entry fits the description of a symbolic emblem and can be accepted for judging. If in doubt, please contact the Salon Chair in advance to discuss your proposed entry.

ENTRIES: All entries must be mailed to David Decker (5117 Fairfax Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114 USA) to arrive by July 17, 2020. 

ENTRY FORM: http://caves.org/committee/salons/Symbolic-T Entry Form.pdf

ENTRY FEES: $3.00 for the entrant’s first entry, $1.00 for each additional entry. 

JUDGING: Contact David Decker for Judging Schedule. 

FURTHER INFORMATION:  emblemsalon@caves.org.


T-shirts related to caves or caving. Blake Jordan, Chair.


DESCRIPTION: For t-shirts related to caves, caving, caver activities. 

ENTRIES: All entries must be mailed to Blake Jordan (154 Patterson Mill Lane, Crozet, VA 22932 USA) to arrive by June 20, 2020. For t-shirts that arrive after the deadline, they will be included for the following year’s competition.

ENTRY FORM: http://caves.org/committee/salons/graphicarts.pdf

ENTRY FEES: $3.00 for the entrant’s first entry and $1.00 for each additional entry. 

JUDGING: Judged prior to convention.

FURTHER INFORMATION:  gasalon@caves.org.


Cave-related films and videos. David Socky, Chair.


ENTRIES: The NSS Video Salon is open to anyone, amateur or professional, regardless of affiliation with caving organizations or attendance at the NSS Convention. All entries must be mailed to David Socky (6572 Woodbrook Dr SW, Roanoke, VA 24018-5402) to arrive by May 16th, 2020. Each entry must have an official entry form and further information. 

MEDIA: Details at Video salon web site. 

ENTRY FORM: http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/videoentry.pdf

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 for each entry. 

CATEGORIES: Films and videos are judged in a single category.

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to convention. 

FURTHER INFORMATION: videosalon@caves.org.