Vertical Techniques Orientation Workshop

Event Leader: Kurt Waldron

The Vertical Section’s Annual Vertical Techniques Workshop is one of the most popular and fun learning events offered at the NSS Convention! Please reserve your slot before the Event is full, and be sure to arrive early Wednesday AM!

No previous vertical experience is necessary to attend this Workshop. It provides all cavers, beginner through experienced, with a basic overview of American-style Single Rope Techniques (SRT) in a safe and controlled environment. The Workshop is NOT intended as a complete training course, which should be obtained via local Grottos or other caving groups, etc. There are hands-on practical sessions in knot tying; belaying; cable ladder work; rappelling with the rappel rack and Petzl Stop descenders; and the
basic use of the most popular and useful vertical rope ascending systems.

All Participants MUST provide properly fitted climbing/caving approved gear, including as a minimum: helmet, seat harness with an appropriate load-bearing fastening, a locking carabiner, and rope-suitable gloves. Do not wear tank tops, excessively loose clothing, short pants, or anything else that might interfere with ropes or maneuvers. Avoid sandals, flip-flops, slip-ons, and other non-supportive footwear. Boots are recommended, although laced sneakers may be allowed. Participants with long hair should have a way to secure it away from rope/gear involvements. No home-made gear is allowed without Instructor approval. All other equipment is provided. Participants are advised to bring their own lunch.

PROMPT ARRIVAL & PROPER EQUIPMENT: All Participants MUST be at the Workshop site promptly before 8:30 AM to sign in and attend the mandatory Safety Briefing. All Participants must have previously signed the NSS Convention Liability Releases. Minors must have written parental permission. Wait Listees wishing to participate must also arrive promptly (and bring your fee, JIC!), in order to acquire any available open slots surrendered by no-show or improperly equipped registrants.

To attend this workshop, all Participants must sign up in advance at the Convention Registration Desk. Attendance is limited to 35 Participants, so please register early. The first 35 Registrants pay a fee of $25. If registration becomes full, a waiting list will be maintained. These additional Wait Listees do not yet pay a fee, pending Event slot availability. Since this Event must follow both Safety protocols and a tight time schedule, tardy or improperly equipped Participants may be declined, and their slots may be given to ready and properly equipped Wait Listees. Paying Registrants who are unable to participate may be eligible for a refund.

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