By Pete Johnson

Since 2005 cavers have been returning to the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana to try and find the bottom of Tears of the Turtle Cave, currently the deepest limestone cave in the US. A tight, difficult, alpine fissure cave, Tears has so far resisted those efforts. This presentation covers the 2019 25‑person, 2‑week expedition. Come find out how deep they made it.

About Me

Pete Johnson has been caving for 13 years. In that time he has had the good fortune to be involved in survey projects such as Germany Valley, Lechuguilla, Tears of the Turtle, Double Bopper (Grand Canyon), and more. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a lifetime member of the NSS.

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  1. Great presentation and great job on leading the 2019 trip Pete! It would be fun to return with you and the rest of the team in 2021/2022…

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