By Reilly S Blackwell

Since 2018 Tumbling Rock Blowing Cave, a “horizontal” cave with an aid climbing history, has been the center of one of TAG’s larger aid climbing projects, led initially by Lee White. This presentation will cover the climbs and the passages accessed, as well as show photos of two of Alabama’s new climbed domes.


  1. Golly, I wouldn’t think mop-up survey // re-survey of some scooped stuff would get a shout-out. Haha thanks for the plug!

    Loved the overview of y’all’s discoveries and the beautiful photos! That map is still one of the prettiest sketches I’ve ever see.<3

  2. Hi Reilly, well done talk. I see the NSS News article about the start of this project was July 2018. Now that its officially done perhaps you could consider a followup article that includes some of these great photos and your map once you draft it.

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