By Sofia Oggioni.

A documentary film directed by Colombian explorer and cinematographer Sofia Oggioni

Fellow Colombia explorers Dan Straley (USA) and Jesus Fernandez Auderset (Switzerland) open the presentation. The film begins with Jesus Fernandez Auderset re-enacting the past 11 years exploring throughout the Rosablanca formation in the Colombian Andes. He recounts his life and how he ended up in this magical landscape, all the while encountering gigantic cave passages, an ancient burial, and an unbelievable Megatherium (Giant Sloth) fossil locked in rock for thousands of years. We recommend you sit back and relax, but please remember to breathe! Enjoy.


    1. Thanks Ken! Can you believe that every scene in the video is land slated for a copper mine? They already have the rights! The locals are angry about it and protect the area vigorously and sometimes violently by blocking miners from traveling through the area. Problem is, cavers kinda look like miners.. Jesus (from the video) has been able to help the locals and keep us cavers in the good graces.. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen..

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