By Daryl Greaser

In the early 1970s, Caves of Montana author Newell Campbell began exploration of the caves of Green Fork and the 6 square mile alpine karst plateau. Forty-eight years later, exploration is ongoing and new discoveries are made on every trip. The 2019 “Spacegoat” Expedition pushed water leads in The Abyss of Kathy’s Icebox, completed the re-survey of the Northwest Passage in Green Fork, completed the survey between the two entrances comprising the Scapegoat System, accessed the cliff-side Campbell’s Cave, bottomed Arm Pit, and more. Fourteen cavers attended the expedition, representing three NSS grottos and contributing to the Caves of Montana Project. Objectives for 2020 include continued downstream survey in Kathy’s Icebox, checking NW Passage leads, and exploring Campbell’s Cave.


  1. Hi Daryl, thanks for the great tour through a part of the Scapegoat karst. Alpine karst areas are pretty special- I have great memories of places in the Gros Ventres, Tetons, Bighorns, and southern Canadian Rockies. Very few crowds….. I can see that the Bob Marshall will inspire many more trips. With drones, maybe? ( is that really an entrance, or just a shadow? ). Rick Banning

    1. Hey Rick! Thanks! Yes indeed; Scapegoat is one of my favorite places on the planet. There’s a hole in the cliff above camp (“The Eye of Sauron”) that has haunted us for years. I got close enough flying past in a Cessna 172 to get a photo showing passage continuing out of sight – it’s in the middle of a very complicated cliff band replete with choss of every variety – and therefore a drone would be perfect… alas, this is *wilderness,* and thus no drone flights – I’m very happy to enjoy the very quiet wilderness, but just “once” I’d love to know if there’s promise there!! Cheers from Seattle.

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