By Peter Jones

The video created by Peter Jones begins with his passion of being a caver and potter at a young age. The video continues with Peter throwing pots on the wheel, explaining the how and why he throws his pots the way he does. Different decorative techniques are explained and exhibited throughout the remainder of the video at different times in the throwing, trimming and decorative stages.

Part 1

Part 2

About Me

Peter Jones has been a member of the NSS since 1969, NSS # 11412 F. In 2002, he was a co-chairman of the NSS Convention in Camden, Maine. Despite living in Camden, Peter spends most of his time in the caves of the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico. His two passions in life are those of being a cave photographer for 50 years and being a potter for 49 years. He has created several fundraising projects as a potter to support cave-related events, two of them at and for Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the “Mug the Mortgage” campaign for the NSS. He is in the process of creating 50 Years Underground as a photo book on the caves of the Guadalupe Mountains.


  1. Hi Peter, I look forward to getting a copy of your Guads photo book when it comes out. Send me an email when it does? Who’s publishing it? Regards, Rick PS, I use one of your cereal bowls every morning. What’s the most unusual piece you’ve made? Is there still a bookstore in Camden?

  2. I was looking for a cotinuence of Part 2 or a Part 3. I wondered if you were going to cover glazing so we could better see the finished pieces. It just seemed that Part 2 ended without saying that’s it and thanks for listening. And I thought there was something on July 31 that would have been a Part 3. Something seems missing.

    1. Oops, I read the Program guide and it said 2 parts. Both parts are exceedingly extensive. Thank you for doing this presentation. I can’t do pottery. I have something called Essential Tremor and my right hand shakes and is not steady. As you said, you need a steady hand.

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