By Joel Despain and Pat Kambesis

The first organized American effort to survey caves in Panama took place last December (2019). Building on the work of American caver Keith Christenson and British caver James Cobbett, our small team mapped about 2 kilometers of cave passages in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago on the country’s Caribbean coast. It is a lovely area with lots of potential for more caves and caving.

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  1. Panama has the best islands, great video!! I was looking into Panama along with Matt Kalch almost 20 years ago.. there was a caver roaming around back then, can’t think of his name.. We never did end up going to help him out as there were bigger caves in nearby countries, and as a Florida caver the descriptions of tight mucky caves in Panama wasn’t the most appealing for a foreign cave trip. But I’m really glad you made this video and gave me a better visual of what I had imagined all these years. Very interesting and the crayfish sounds to be a very cool sight to see!! and the dart frogs! awesome trip!

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