Recorded Event. Available for viewing Friday, July 31 at 7:00 PM
Coordinator: Mike Backe

The Society’s 2020 Awards will be presented at this show.

-106Days -20Hours -56Minutes -43Seconds

1. Toast to passed cavers

2. NSS Awards Show

3. Closing Comments & Passing the helmet


  1. Thank you to all who did so much to make this event a great success. Living in basically “Karstless” Southern California, most of us don’t get out east to enjoy TAG or any other the many caves available to such a talented and dedicated group of adventurers. The biggest thought I came away from being able to watch all the great videos ,photos, digs etc. is that there are MANY ,MANY more caves in the U.S. that can be dug into if you just get in a car and DRIVE. Your work is a great gift to all the rest of us. Cheers, Daniel Campbell NSS , SCG , NZSS, HTG

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