By Allan Cobb

The Kirkwood Community in Texas fell apart just a few years before I started caving. Following in the tradition of Kirkwood cavers looking for affordable group living with likeminded cavers, the tradition continued not with a block of houses on a street but in the individual houses of cavers. Many of the Kirkwood cavers moved to their own houses or pieces of property around Austin. They had space available for cavers to live inexpensively. I rented rooms or space from several cavers from that era while in Austin. I lived on a sofa in Blake Harrison’s living room, and scored the back bedroom at Gill Ediger’s house for 2 ½ years. These cheap accommodations allowed for many caving adventures and other adventures with cavers throughout the US and Mexico.

Upon moving to San Antonio, I lived at Linda Palit’s house, which was a home to many wayward cavers for over 30 years. Linda’s garage was used to house rescue gear and ropes with many area cavers having keys so they could gain access. Today, mine and Linda’s house in San Antonio has given shelter to wayward or otherwise homeless cavers on several occasions.

About Me

Allan Cobb began caving in the 1979 around San Antonio and then met NSS cavers in 1981. Since then, Allan has caved throughout the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. He has also caved in Europe, Asia, and Caribbean. Allan is a veteran of many caving expeditions exploring and mapping long and deep caves as well as working with archaeologists exploring, mapping, and studying caves. He is a member of the Bexar Grotto.

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  1. Cool talk, Allan. As you know, I was a Kirkwood caver commune resident 1976-78, and started visiting there in 1971 on my way to Mexico before moving to Texas in 1976. I hadn’t realized how the spirit of Kirkwood continued afterwards even up to today. Now I do.

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