By Pete Johnson and Aaron Moses

Aaron Moses and Pete Johnson discuss 1,500 feet of aid climbing across four dome climbs in Germany Valley, West Virginia. The four climbs discussed are Lubyanka Dome (213 feet), The Flying Dutchman (303 feet), Perseverance Dome (526 feet), and Philosopher’s Dome (387 feet).

About Us

Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson has been caving for 13 years. In that time he has had the good fortune to be involved in survey projects such as Germany Valley, Lechuguilla, Tears of the Turtle, Double Bopper (Grand Canyon), and more. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a lifetime member of the NSS.

Aaron Moses

Aaron has been a caver and member of the Blue Ridge Grotto for 17 years. During that time, he has primarily been involved in the Germany Valley Karst Survey, but has occasionally caved in other parts of the southeast US, or joined expeditions in Mexico, Austria, or Croatia.


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