The Fine Arts Salon is the official venue for exhibiting speleologically inspired artwork. Artwork can be in any medium, from painting and sketching to digitally altered photography, computer graphics, pottery and sculpture, textiles, and mixed media. The subject must involve cavers, cave life, karst and caves, focusing on the central interest of speleology. This year there No Theme and all submissions will be judged in the Open Category.


Illuminations, the publication of the Arts & Letters section, has gone virtual for the 2020 convention. Inside you will find cave paintings, quilts, cartoons, and articles on Spelean satire, early exploration of Huautla, and the many literary contributions of the late Red Watson. As a convention bonus, the magazine also contains links to additional Arts and Letters videos and writing. Click here to view “Illuminations” on a separate tab in your browser.

The Bridge

Michael Ray Taylor’s Hidden Nature: Wild Southern Caves, a mixture of memoir and subterranean natural history, will be launched in a virtual convention event Tuesday (which will also be recorded). This excerpt (click here to open a separate tab) describes a time the ground shifted beneath his feet while on an afternoon visit to a well-known Tennessee cave.

Multimedia Bat Education

A 360 multimedia page (click here to open a separate tab) on bat education, designed for middle-schoolers and created by Michael Ray Taylor and his students at Henderson State University. From within 360 underground images, viewers can find hidden circles that link to short videos with additional information about bat research. Partially funded by a communication grant from the White-Nose Syndrome working group, this project is tied to an educational film now in post-production (temporarily delayed by the Covid-19 shut-down).


dancing with stalagmites 

Speleoart – The Art of Caving

Below is a PDF slide show. Use the arrows at the bottom of the image to page through. You may also download a copy to view offline.