By Gilly Elor

I will report on the results of the 2017 Ukranian expedition to Krubera-Voronya, Western Caucasus Mountains, Abkhazia. I will focus on the camp to the bottom of the -1,710‑meter branch of Krubera-Voronya, the trip I participated in, whose goal was to push leads at the limit of exploration at that level. I will emphasize my own experiences traveling to and caving in Krubera as a Westerner.


  1. Hi Gilly, nice talk on a challenging cave. Since Krubera goes below sea level, I’m guessing that at least the lower passages formed when the Med and the Black Sea were either dry or much lower because of the “dam” at Gilbalter(sp?), which was breached several times over millions of years, if I have my geology correct. So if Krubera formed when the Black Sea was dry or close to it, is it possible that passages continue even lower than cave divers can go with existing gear? I would love to hear comments from anyone who knows the area geology! Rick Banning. PS, drill cores in various parts of the Med have revealed “bathtub rings” of several kinds of evaporites at the bottom of the Med (Black Sea also?). It would be fun to get in a time machine and walk through landscapes now well underwater….And explore caves likely now filled with sediment. Is it possible that caves now exist are only a tiny fraction of all the caves that have existed?

  2. Hello Rick,
    Yes, there is a possibility for your theory. When we discussed this issue with gennadiy samokhin he mentioned the same thing. He dived -50 meter to reach -2197 meter. More or less almost he reached the sea level. Passages may be flooded with sand or mulky material. Yet no one i think check the sea side entrance from the shore. May be the system links. But not visible.:)

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