By Mike Frazier

The Cerro Rabon is a limestone uplift in excess of 2,000 meters in elevation. It is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, just west of the Presa Miguel Alleman near the city of Jalapa de Diaz. Working with Jalapa’s Director of Tourism in 2019, the town provided us guided tours to cave locations as well as gas vouchers. We also received an invitation letter to explore and map caves in the area in 2020. This is virtually unheard of in the history of caving in Mexico. Unfortunately when something sounds too good to be true . . . . This is a tale of good intentions and high hopes. This is story of good men and of bad men, of ruthless criminals, and of fear. It is narrative of big borehole cave, deep friendships, and sad outcomes. It leaves to us to question the balance of our desire to explore caves and our involvement and effect on the local population.


  1. Superb presentation with many good visuals, Mike. Like Bill, I am very sorry to hear about the challenges you faced during the expedition and the tragic loss of your amigo.

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