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Vendor Announcement

Per Mike Warner, “Emily and Speleobooks has not missed a convention since she first vended in 1976 and with Speleobooks starting in 1978. We are not going to let a pandemic and lack of a traditional convention stop that streak! To celebrate convention week, Speleobooks is participating by offering FREE SHIPPING to any US order of $25.00 or more until …

NSS Bookstore

Visit the NSS Bookstore https://members.caves.org/store/default.aspx Please note that you must be signed in to your account to receive the eligible discount.

Beverly Heritage Center

Old Cavin’ Haven is an exhibit about historic cave exploration in Randolph County, West Virginia that recognizes the remarkable contributions of cavers to the body of cave knowledge. Old Cavin’ Haven was created to share the history of our area’s caves and their explorers with NSS Convention 2020 visitors.