AnnouncementsJuly 30 Thursday

Virtual Tour of Lehman Cave

About the Lehman Caves Virtual Tour: Presented by the National Park Service, this 3-part video series takes virtual visitors through a high-resolution reconstruction of Lehman Caves at Great Basin National Park. Each part features five bonus videos that go into more detail about all sorts of topics including cave life, hydrology/geology, and history. Viewers can choose which topics they want …

Awards Salon Program

The Awards Salon program presents the best of the Salon entries for the NSS Convention and includes the winners of each Salon – Honorable Mentions, Merit Awards, and Best of Show.

Reverse Faults of the Williamsburg Anticline, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, and Their Effect on Speleogenesis

The Williamsburg anticline is a large fold involving the Mississippian Greenbrier Group in western Greenbrier County, West Virginia. The Greenbrier Group is a series of limestones that are known for their karst development. Extensive reverse faults in these limestones have been identified recently by the author as a result of field mapping and lidar analysis. Some of these reverse faults extend as much as 18 miles and involve stratigraphic displacement of over 200 feet. Many, but certainly not all, of the major reverse faults can be traced by a distinct line of sinkholes along regional strike.

Luminary Series – Holes are Fun

While visiting relatives in Kentucky as a 13-year-old youngster, Bill Balfour—plus his dad and his uncle—drove over to Mammoth Cave. Balfour was particularly fascinated by the Rotunda and begged the adults for another commercial tour. But, having had enough fun for one day, Bill’s father allowed his boy to go on another guided trip that same afternoon, while dad waited outside. Bill was entranced and soon bought each book about caves that he could find. He also lobbied for stops at any show caves that the family passed during their assorted travels.