Recorded. Available for viewing at 7:00pm

Salons Committee Chairs: Blake Jördan and Dave Socky

The Awards Salon program presents the best of the Salon entries for the NSS Convention and includes the winners of each Salon – Honorable Mentions, Merit Awards, and Best of Show. The Salons included in the presentation are the Cartographic Salon, Graphic Arts Salon, Cave Ballad Salon, Symbolic Emblems Salon, T-Shirt Salon, Video Salon, and the Photo Salon. The pre-convention promos for the 2021, and 2022 NSS Conventions will also be available for viewing.

1) Introduction

2) Cartographic Salon

3) Graphic Arts Salon

4) Cave Ballad

5) Symbolic Emblems

6) T-Shirt Salon

7) Video Salon

8) Promo for 2021 

9) Promo for 2022 

10) Promo for 2023 

11) Photo Salon

12) Credits


  1. Whoo Hooo! I sat down with the volume up, an NSS Fellow shot of Tennessee Legend Lemonade Moonshine, and thoroughly enjoyed the Photo Salon! Excellent Photos!!! Whoo Hooo from VA! This has been the nicest, most comfortable NSS Convention, but I miss seeing everyone!

  2. What a great show! It was almost like being there, complete with a power outage because a storm rolled through my neighborhood in the middle of the Photo Salon. Haha! Good work everyone. I’m looking forward to being in Weed next year.

  3. I kind of liked the idea of showing ones in the same category together, which I believe is new. Great job on the show as always, one small critique, for the award winners maybe the round award pin shouldn’t cover up part of the image, especially noticeable on the macro of the formation.

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