By Reilly S Blackwell

Newberry-Banes is a cave with a long and storied history, having been initially explored with the help of Bill Cuddington, at the forefront of American vertical technique. Modern vertical techniques, namely aid climbing, have facilitated the discovery of a large new pit and virgin passage, and revived work towards a connection with another significant Virginia cave. Reilly Blackwell will talk about her project with Phillip Moneyhun to push the new area of this well-known cave.


  1. Enjoyed you presentation on Newberry Banes Exploration. I cut my caving teeth in Newberry Banes back in the late 70s and early 80s. I love that cave and the fact that the cave is protected and now owned by cavers. I spent many nights sitting on the front porch of Mr. Penley and his Border Collies and exploring Newberrys Banes, Buddys, Spring Hollow, and Bane Springs. Back in the Day, we dug at several places in the Subway trying to extend the passage, but have not been back since moving out of state. Keep up the good work, I always love to hear caving news on Skydusky Hollow. Jim Richards NSS 18763, PS, Bill Cuddington is a friend and we have had many conversations about the early days in the Valley. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Well done Reilly. I always enjoy hearing about work in Skydusky Hollow. Rich’s favorite is Newberry-Banes so it was my first cave in the Hollow. Both scary and awe-inspiring.

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