Be sure to check back at 7:00 PM tonight (Thursday) for the release of the Awards Salon Program. This is a fascinating review of the various salon entries and their winners. The Cavers’ Choice awards are included as well. See if your entry has won. Also included will be the photo salon and promo videos for the upcoming conventions. Here is a outline of the presentation:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cartographic Salon
  3. Graphic Arts Salon
  4. Cave Ballad
  5. Symbolic Emblems
  6. T-Shirt Salon
  7. Video Salon
  8. Promo video for 2021 in Weed, California
  9. Promo video for 2022 in Custer, South Dakota
  10. Promo for 2023 in Elkins, West Virginia
  11. Photo Salon
  12. Credits

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