When the 2020 NSS Convention had to be canceled back in April due to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Convention planning staff began brainstorming a first for the NSS—a Virtual Convention! 

They reached out to presenters to ask if they would like to record their presentations. An overwhelming majority of the presenters responded with a resounding YES!  From West Virginia Exploration to United States and International Exploration, from Conservation to the Arts and T‑shirt Salons, all will be represented. All of these presentations will be available on the 2020 NSS Convention webpage, https://nsscon2020.org/ for future viewing at your convenience. Some of the section meetings will be presented live just as if you were there at Convention. Other sessions will be posted in a daily schedule where you can view them at your leisure and there are some amazing presentations that you may even want to watch more than once.

Enjoy the first ever Virtual Convention—we hope that it will be the last—and look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Convention in Weed, California.

As you may know, the annual NSS Convention is the main fundraiser for the support of the National Speleological Society. While this virtual convention will be presented free of charge, the NSS works every day to further efforts like those in these presentations. To support cave and karst conservation, science, exploration, education, and content like this, please take a moment to donate. All amounts are appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support,

Rich Geisler and Meredith Hall Weberg
2020 NSS Convention Co-Chairs

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